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Recycling Services In Lakewood, NJ

Do your part in protecting the environment with our convenient and affordable recycling services in Lakewood, New Jersey. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2006, 34% of the municipal solid waste stream was made up of paper and paperboard products. Paper makes up the largest portion of the municipal waste stream, and is one of the most recovered materials. By recycling paper and paperboard products, we are able to reduce municipal solid waste.
At American Shredder, all documents shredded or destroyed are taken to our recycling services facility. For each ton of paper recycled, 17 trees will have been saved, 3 cubic yards of landfill space will not have to be used, 7,000 gallons of water will be saved, and 4,100-kilowatt hours of electricity will be saved. In addition, recycling prevents 60 pounds of pollution from being spewed into the air.
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Direct & Indirect Benefits of Recycling:
  • Prevents Emissions of Many Greenhouse Gases & Water Pollutants
  • Reduces the Need for New Landfills & Incinerators
  • Supplies Valuable Raw Materials to Industry
  • Creates Jobs
  • Stimulates the Growth of Greener Technologies
  • Saves Energy
  • Conserves Resources
Recycling Security Consoles
Reduce your amount of waste and increase your recycling with a convenient security console from American Shredder. We provide secure consoles created specifically for holding your private documents for future recycling. Choose from a variety of sizes for your needs and rest assured knowing that each console is locked and protected, so no one can access your sensitive papers while in the console.

Available Security Consoles:
  • Confidential Security Container: 21"D x 20"W x 36"H (Holds Approximately 110 Pounds of Confidential Documents)
  • 64-Gallon Lockable Container with Slot: (Holds Approximately 225 Pounds of Confidential Documents)
  • 96-Gallon Lockable Container with Slot: 42"H x 24"W x 35"D (Holds Approximately 325 Pounds of Confidential Documents)

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